Static Gk Quiz 7


Static GK Quiz 7 consists of 10 new pattern questions asked in SBI PO, SBI Clerk, IBPS PO, IBPS Clerk exams, and every competitive exam. Candidates can practice so many Static GK questions asked in competitive exams like IBPS, SBI, and other insurance exams:

Question 1: Shahjahan died in which year?

a. 1627
b. 1611
c. 1666
d. 1698
e. 1634

c. 1666

Question 2: World Water Day is observed on which date?

a. 22nd March
b. 27th March
c. 17th April
d. 4th October
e. 8th May

a. 22nd March

Question 3: Vyasa Samman is honoured in which field?

a. Literature
b. Science
c. Film
d. Music
e. Agriculture

a. Literature

Question 4: Who is the author of the book “One Day Cricket, The Indian Challenge”?

a. Ravi Shashi
b. Sunit Gawaskar
c. Ashish Roy
d. Ashish Nehra
e. Sanjay Manjrekar

c. Ashish Roy

Question 5: Who discovered Antigen?

a. Banting
b. Mc. Collum
c. James Watson
d. Pincus
e. Karl Landsteiner

e. Karl Landsteiner

Question 6: What is the chemical name of Vitamin D?

a. Folic Acid
b. Calciferol
c. Tocopherol
d. Biotin
e. Thymine

b. Calciferol

Question 7: What is the study of Algae called?

a. Mycology
b. Phycology
c. Morphology
d. Virology
e. Cytology

b. Phycology

Question 8: What is the amount of funds that the banks have to keep with RBI called?

a. SLR
b. SDR
c. CRR
e. LAF

c. CRR

Question 9: Jawahar Rozgar Yojana started in which year?

a. 1982
b. 1984
c. 1954
d. 1989
e. 1992

d. 1989

Question 10: Where is Gol Gumbaz located?

a. Patna, Bihar
b. Aurangabad, Maharashtra
c. Jhansi, Madhya Pradesh
d. Bizapur, Karnataka
e. Konark, Odisha

d. Bizapur, Karnataka

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