Static GK Quiz 2


Static GK Quiz 2 consists of 10 new pattern questions asked in SBI PO, SBI Clerk, IBPS PO, IBPS Clerk exams and every competitive exams. Candidates can practice so many Static GK questions asked in competitive exams like IBPS, SBI and other insurance exams:

Question 1: Durand Cup is associated with which sports?

a. Hockey
b. Football
c. Cricket
d. Billiards
e. Tennis

b. Football

Question 2: When is World Health Day observed?

a. 10th April
b. 7th May
c. 14th April
d. 18th April
e. 7th April

e. 7th April

Question 3: Kalinga Award is honoured in which field?

a. Literature
b. Science
c. Film
d. Mathematics
e. Journalism

b. Science

Question 4: How many players are there in each team of Kho Kho?

a. 7
b. 9
c. 5
d. 6
e. 12

b. 9

Question 5: Orang National Park is located in which state?

a. Assam
b. Haryana
c. Maharashtra
d. Meghalaya
e. Tamil Nadu

a. Assam

Question 6: When is World Radio Day observed?

a. 13th January
b. 26th June
c. 14th April
d. 13th February
e. 4th March

d. 13th February

Question 7: Bharatnatyam is a famous dance form of which state?

a. Andhra Pradesh
b. Tamil Nadu
c. Karnataka
d. Kerala
e. Uttar Pradesh

b. Tamil Nadu

Question 8: When was IDBI (Industrial Development Bank of India) established?

a. 1948
b. 1954
c. 1952
d. 1964
e. 1970

d. 1964

Question 9: What is G stands for in RTGS?

a. Gross
b. General
c. Green
d. Game
e. Gas

a. Gross

Question 10: What is the National Emblem of Norway?

a. Rose
b. Eagle
c. Kiwi
d. Lion
e. Kangaroo

d. Lion

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